I live in an apartment/condo, can I sign up for Ridwell service?

Written by Ellen updated 2 mths ago
  • updated 2 mths ago

Absolutely! We can serve individual customers in apartments, condominiums, and other multifamily housing.* We recommend checking on a few things first if you decide this may be a good fit for you:

1. If needed, we recommend getting approval from your building management team before signing up for service so that there aren't any unexpected issues.

2. Building access: on our side, as long as we can access your bin (such as by using a call box or gate code) we can serve you! Members in apartment/condos typically leave their bins outside their apartment door, in the building’s lobby, below the call box, or in a garbage area.

3. After signing up, we just ask that you send us a quick note at help@ridwell.com to let us know if there are special instructions on how to gain access (call box code etc.). We’ll add this information to your account’s secure notes so that our drivers will have an easy time making sure your pickups go perfectly.

*One exception is Los Angeles (excluding Santa Monica), where we are unable to service buildings with more than 4 units. Thank you for your understanding!

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