What kinds of batteries do you take?

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*Availability of battery pickup varies by neighborhood*

We can take almost any type of battery, as long as it’s small enough to fit into the Ridwell “Batteries” bag! For safe storage, please make sure to tape the terminals and contacts of your batteries with electrical tape, clear packing tape, or duct tape.

You can see an overview with pictures of the kinds of batteries we can take by going to our Categories page, entering your address, and scrolling down to the “Household batteries” section.

Here are some examples of batteries we can take:

We can take
Alkaline batteries
Lithium-ion batteries
Rechargeable batteries
Button batteries
Hearing aid batteries
Rechargeable power tool batteries (like drill batteries)
Laptop batteries
Corroded batteries (please place these into a separate plastic bag inside your Ridwell battery bag!)

We can’t take
Car batteries
Lead acid batteries
Bloated/swollen batteries
Damaged batteries
Leaking batteries
Batteries larger than the Ridwell battery bag

Have an item you’re unsure about? Send a photo to help@ridwell.com and we’ll be happy to take a look!

How do I recognize a damaged battery?

Some damage to batteries is apparent through a visual inspection. If external casing is incomplete, connectors are missing, or a battery has expanded or is bloated/swollen, it is damaged.

Batteries store a large amount of energy in a very small space, and damage isn’t always visible until the battery has begun to heat up. Please store your batteries away from flammable materials, and immediately take measures to safely dispose of any discarded batteries that are warm to the touch. 

What should I do with damaged or bloated/swollen batteries?

Damaged, leaking, or bloated/swollen batteries should be taken to your local household hazardous waste (HHW) facility for proper disposal. Place the battery or device in a non-flammable material such as sand or kitty litter as soon as possible.

Call2Recycle also offers battery drop off sites around the country. You can check the Call2Recycle site to see if there’s a drop off near you. 

If you would like to learn more about battery safety, check out these resources:


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