Do I need to tape my batteries?

Written by Emily updated 5 mths ago
  • updated 5 mths ago

*Availability of battery pickup varies by neighborhood*

Yes, please use electrical tape, clear packing tape, or duct tape to cover the terminals and contacts of your batteries to prevent them from coming into contact with each other. This reduces the risk of fire and keeps your family and our team members safe.

Only put batteries into your Ridwell bag after securely taping their terminals or contacts. Please do not place loose batteries directly into your Ridwell bin. 

Thank you so much for your help with this!

Here are some examples of taped batteries:

Where are battery terminals and contacts located?

  • Traditional cylindrical batteries: the ends of the batteries
  • Button batteries: both sides of the batteries
  • 9-volt batteries: the snap connector on top of the batteries
  • Some types of rechargeable batteries: the “teeth” or metal plates/points that connect them to the charger or device
  • Wired batteries: the connector at the end of the wires

Please make sure to securely tape over any of these contact points!

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