What do you take in threads?

Written by Emily updated 2 yrs ago
  • 2 yrs ago

Our threads category includes clothing (both wearable and worn out), shoes, linens, and many other textiles. What we can take varies slightly by location, so the best way to check what items we accept in your area is to go to our What We Take page, enter your zip code, and scroll down to the “Clothing, fabric, and shoes” section. 

Here are some examples of items we can generally take:

We can take
Clothes (adult, child, or baby; any size)
Shoes (any size)
Sheets and linens
Underwear (clean, please!)
Items with holes, tears, or rips
Fabric scraps (please place them into a smaller plastic bag inside your threads bag, to help our team with processing!)
Hats (baseball caps, beanies, winter hats, etc)

We can’t take
Items that have come in contact with hazardous substances like blood or gasoline
Items that are wet
Items that have mold or mildew
Luggage sets and suitcases

Have an item you’re unsure about? Send a photo to help@ridwell.com and we’ll be happy to take a look!

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