Do you pick up Styrofoam?

Written by Emily updated 10 mths ago
  • updated 10 mths ago

Styrofoam (also known as expanded polystyrene or EPS foam) is one of our most popular categories. You’ll receive a 45-gallon orange bag to collect Styrofoam when we first drop off your Ridwell bin. Whenever your Styrofoam bag is picked up, our driver will leave a replacement orange bag for you to use next time. 

Unlimited members:

  • This category is included in your plan. As long as you opt in for your pickup and leave your bag of Styrofoam by your bin, we’ll come and pick it up!

Plastic Plus members and Classic members:

  • Please add Styrofoam to your pickup when you opt-in before leaving your bag out by your bin. Unsure how to add Styrofoam onto your pickup? Check out our article on add-ons!
  • If you need more than one bag of Styrofoam picked up, please indicate the number of bags you’ll have. This helps us plan our routes to accommodate for space!

If you’re ever missing a Styrofoam bag, you can request a new one from your dashboard or pickup opt-in page. Read more here about how to request a replacement bag!

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