What is Ridwell’s “featured category”?

Written by Emily updated 1 yr ago
  • updated 7 mths ago

During each pickup we take a rotating featured category along with our core categories. This featured category changes for each pickup - we partner with a variety of local organizations, nonprofits, and charities to help you delightfully declutter! Featured categories cover a wide range of items, from cords and chargers to kitchenware.

Important things to know about featured category offerings:

  1. Ridwell members can visit their member dashboard anytime to view their next four upcoming featured categories and start collecting those items! Click here for in-depth instructions on how to access your dashboard.
  2. We do our best to offer popular categories on a regular basis. However, due to their highly local nature our ability to do so varies by market, and depends on our community partners’ needs and capacity. With that in mind, here are some categories we try to offer at least once a year in all markets, along with links to the items we’re typically able to take:

We have also featured some extremely popular categories like plastic bottle caps and prescription pill bottles. We’re working hard to bring you these categories on a more regular basis!


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