What is Ridwell’s “featured category”?

Written by Emily updated 1 yr ago
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Every pickup, we collect a featured category in addition to your core categories. We partner with a variety of local organizations to feature your favorite re-use categories – like kitchenware and warm winter coats – or you can choose from a list of hard-to-recycle items that accumulate in everyday life, like cords and chargers, portable electronic devices, and loose plastic bottle caps. Find out more about how to choose your featured category.

Important things to know about featured category offerings:

You can visit your dashboard anytime to view your upcoming featured categories and start collecting those items! Click here for in-depth instructions on how to access your dashboard. You can also check upcoming featured categories using the Ridwell mobile app.

While what we are able to offer depends on location and our partners' needs, here are some examples of rotating categories we try to offer at least once a year, along with links to the items we’re typically able to take:

Our most popular hard-to-recycle categories are always available, so instead of waiting for the category to become available, you get to choose when to have us pick up these items! Just select them from the list where you choose your featured category for your pickup. Here are some examples:

Pro tip: Even though we accept all these different categories, it really helps us keep all these material streams clean if you only put one type of item in your featured category bag for each pickup. Thank you so much for helping us make wasting less easier!


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