My featured category items don’t fit bagged in the bin, can you still take them?

Written by Ellen updated 10 mths ago
  • updated 10 mths ago

Absolutely!  You can add up to five extra bags of your current featured category to your pickup for free.

Members on our Unlimited plan can go ahead and place their featured category items in closed plastic bags, label them "Ridwell", and leave them by their bin for pickup.

Members on our Classic and Plastic Plus plans should let us know that they'll have extra items by adding them on from their member dashboard when opting into their pickup, or anytime up until 8pm the night before pickup. We do ask that you please add these onto your pickup so that we’re expecting them and can plan our routes to accommodate for space. 

You can place your featured category items into plastic bags up to 30-gallon size. If possible, please label the bags as “Ridwell” before placing them out by your bin for pickup. 

Here's how to add featured category Beyond the Bin bags to a pickup:

1. From your member dashboard (or following the opt-in link in our reminder email or text we send you), select a pickup date. Click either "Pick up my stuff" (if you haven't opted in yet) or "Update this pickup" (if you've already opted in):

 2. Under "Available Add-Ons", select the number of featured category bags you have:

3. After you've selected all the add-ons you would like, the amounts will be automatically saved. You'll receive a confirmation email within 10 minutes of the addition.

If you run into any issues with this process, please reach out to us at help@ridwell.com and we’ll be happy to assist!


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