Who are Ridwell's featured category partners?

Written by Emily updated 4 mths ago
  • updated 4 mths ago

For our featured categories we work with a variety of awesome local partners, including nonprofits, community programs, artisans, and specialty recyclers. We feature a mix of hard-to-recycle items (like electronics or corks) and items around your home that are needed by our partners and those they assist. You reclaim your closet space, and your old items get a new life!

Here are just a few of our partners:

1 Green Planet 
WestSide Baby
Food Lifeline 
Compass Housing Alliance 
Humble Design

Rose Haven 
Community Warehouse
Birch Community Services
SCRAP Creative Reuse
Free Geek

Clothes to Kids
We Don't Waste
A Precious Child

Habitat for Humanity Whatcom
Bellingham Food Bank
Allied Arts
Whatcom Humane Society


Also be sure to keep an eye on our blog for special in-depth features on our partners, like this post about Women's Shelter Jewelry Project, our partner for jewelry in Seattle!


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