What do you take in plastic film?

Written by Emily updated 10 mths ago
  • updated 10 mths ago

“Plastic film” is the thin, flexible, and scrunchable plastic that seems to pop up absolutely everywhere. Luckily, our partner, Trex, can turn your tricky plastic film into composite decking! Want to learn more about this process? Check out this blog post!

You can find detailed information about the types of plastic we can and can’t take, including example photos, via our categories page, and here are some examples:

We can take
Bubble wrap
Plastic shopping bags
Only-plastic bubble mailers (think blue-and-white Amazon Prime envelopes!)
Air pillows for shipping (please deflate them!)
Ziploc (Zip lock) bags
Produce bags
Bread bags
Newspaper bags
Plastic overwrap (like the plastic that comes wrapped around toilet paper)
Poly bags (plastic shipping bags, usually white and/or gray, that items like clothes come in)

We can’t take
Shiny silver or metallic plastic*
Plastic mixed with paper (like manila bubble mailers)
Hard or firm plastics**
Insulated bags or insulated bubble wrap
Food bags*
Fruit or produce netting*
Shower curtains and other items made of vinyl
Balloons (Mylar, latex, etc.)
Compostable or biodegradable plastics

*We can’t take these in plastic film, but they might be able to go in our multi-layer plastic category! Read more about multi-layer plastic.

**While we cannot accept hard or firm plastic in our plastic film category, members in some service areas can add clear #1 PET/PETE plastic clamshells to their pickups. Check our clamshell service areas FAQ post to see whether you are eligible for clamshell pickups.

Have an item you’re unsure about? Send a photo to help@ridwell.com and we’ll be happy to take a look!

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