If I’ll be out of town or unable to receive a pickup, do I get a credit for that pickup?

Written by Ellen updated 2 yrs ago
  • updated 2 yrs ago

With your Ridwell membership, you’re supporting our ability to make sure you’re offered two pickups each month, always! We use this commitment to estimate what kind of volume we’ll provide to the partners we work with to reuse and recycle the stuff we collect from you, and determine how large our fleet and warehouse teams need to be to best serve all our members with two monthly pickups.

If you opt out of your pickup in any given week, we are sadly unable to offer a credit for it, and we are also unable to offer an alternative pickup date. If you will be out of town for two or more pickups in a row, we are happy to work with you on a temporary account pause if you contact us at help@ridwell.com

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