What is the blue bag in my bin for? (Limited areas only)

Written by Ellen updated 7 mths ago
  • updated 7 mths ago

Clear plastic clamshells are only available in limited Ridwell service areas. Check our clamshell service areas list to see whether you are eligible for clamshell pickups.

In areas where our clear plastic clamshell service is available, a 13-gallon blue bag for #1 clear plastic clamshells will be included in your bin when it's dropped off! When we pick your bag up, we’ll replace it with a new one.

Unlimited and Plastic Plus members:

  • This category is included in your plan. As long as you opt in for your pickup and leave your bag of clamshells by your bin, we’ll come and pick it up!

Classic members:

  • Please add clamshells to your pickup when you opt-in before leaving your bag out by the bin. Unsure how to add Clamshells onto your pickup? Check out our article on add-ons!

If you ever need more than one bag of clear #1 clamshells picked up, you can use closed plastic bags to bag up the extra. You can also request an extra blue clamshell bag by signing into your Ridwell account and visiting our bag request page

You're also welcome to cut up or nest your clamshell containers so that they fit into the bag more easily.

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