What is the blue bag in my bin for? (Limited areas only)

Written by Ellen updated 8 mths ago
  • updated 8 mths ago

Clear plastic clamshells are only available as an add-on in limited Ridwell service areas. Check our clamshell service areas list to see whether you are eligible for clamshell pickups.

The 13-gallon blue bag is for clear #1 plastic clamshells, which can be added to pickups as an add-on!

Once you've filled your clamshells bag, you can add it on to any pickup for a small fee when opting in by following the instructions below. We'll replace it with a new one when we pick it up! 

If you ever need more than one bag of clear #1 clamshells picked up, please indicate the number of bags from your user dashboard and then use closed plastic or paper bags to bag up the extra. You can also request extra clamshell bags from us via email or text - we'll be happy to drop some off during your next pickup!

You're also welcome to cut up or nest your clamshell containers so that they fit into the bag more easily.

How to add clamshells to your pickup:

1. From your Ridwell dashboard at www.ridwell.com/dashboard (or following the link in our opt-in reminder email or text we send you), select the pickup date you'd like to add clamshells to. 

2. Under "Available Add-Ons" you'll see the option to select the total number of clamshell bags you'd like to add on.

3. After you've selected the total number of bags, the add-on amount will be automatically saved. You'll receive a confirmation email with your estimated total within 10 minutes of the addition.

Please let us know if you run into any issues with this process or if we can answer any other questions!

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