How do I opt in for my pickup?

Written by Ellen updated 1 yr ago
  • updated 1 yr ago

We have a few ways to opt in for your pickups:

1. On your pickup calendar: https://www.ridwell.com/dashboard

This can be done anytime up until 8pm the night before your pickup, and you can opt in for up to 4 pickups in advance.

2. Via the opt-in links in our emails and texts (only sent if you’re not already opted in)

3. Via our Ridwell mobile app

Depending on your notification settings (which you can update any time to fit your preferences), we send several email and/or texts reminders with an opt-in link, starting 3 days before your pickup

If you have any issues opting in or are not receiving any of the communications listed above, just let us know by emailing help@ridwell.com and we'll look into it!

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