How do I notify Ridwell if I’m moving or have an address change?

Written by Ellen updated 1 yr ago
  • updated 1 yr ago

Our team is more than happy to help with updating your information in our system if you move or need to update your address for any reason - just email us at help@ridwell.com! We'll also help determine if Ridwell service is provided in your new location if you are moving neighborhoods or cities.

Please send us:

  • Your current address
  • Your new address (please make sure to include the zip code!)
  • What day you anticipate your last pickup to be at your current address
  • Date you will be moved into your new address

We'll let you know whether we can provide service at your new address and assist with updating your account details. 

If we service your new area, please bring your bin and bags with you to your new home!

You can also check whether Ridwell is available in your new neighborhood by inputting your new zip code on this page, or by checking our service area blog post

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