I received a Community Supported Membership. What does it cover, and how do I activate my account?

Written by Emily updated 1 yr ago
  • updated 1 yr ago

First of all, welcome to Ridwell! We’re excited to waste less together with you.

Your Community Supported Membership covers 6 months of core Ridwell services free of charge. This means you will get pickups every two weeks of our core categories and a rotating featured category.

Add-ons – extra services we provide for an additional fee – are not included in your Community Supported Membership. If you’d like to use our add-on services, please be sure to add payment information to your account. To see which add-ons are available in your area, visit this page, input your zip code, and scroll down to the “Add-on categories” section.


Here’s how to activate your Community Supported Membership:

  1. Click the “Redeem Membership” button in the membership activation email we sent you
  2. Enter your name, email, and zip code
  3. Provide your home address and details for service
  4. Click complete membership and you're all set!

You will not need to enter payment information unless you would like to use our add-on services. We will also prompt you for payment information if/when you decide to continue your membership after the first 6 months.

If you run into any issues activating your Community Supported Membership, please reach out to us at help@ridwell.com and we’ll be happy to assist you!

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