How do I choose my featured category?

Written by Emily updated 5 mths ago
  • updated 5 mths ago

Every pickup, we collect a featured category in addition to your core categories. We partner with a variety of local organizations and specialty recyclers to feature your favorite re-use categories – like school supplies and warm winter coats – or you can choose a swappable featured category from a list of hard-to-recycle items that accumulate in everyday life, like cords and chargers, corks, and loose plastic bottle caps. 

Category availability varies by location, so be sure to check your dashboard to see what categories are offered in your area and start saving up!

How to choose your featured category:

  1. Sign in to your Ridwell account and head to your dashboard.

  2. Select an upcoming pickup. 

    • Click either "Schedule pickup" (if you haven't opted in yet) or "Update pickup" (if you've already opted in)

  3. Under "Also Included", select "Choose your category".

  4. Choose the featured category you’d like us to pick up from the dropdown menu. 
    This image is for example purposes only. Actual featured category offerings vary by location. Check your dashboard to see which featured categories you can choose from!

  5. Click "Done"! Your changes will be automatically saved.

Please note that you can only select one featured category per pickup. If you would like to change to a different featured category, you can edit your pickup up until 8pm the night before.

If you run into any issues, reach out to our Member Success team at help@ridwell.com and we’ll be happy to help!

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